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If you like home improvement shows and tips on making your home an efficient green dwelling, you will love The Seegers Family Edifice Venture web site.  This site is the documentation of our family taking on a huge renovation project and doing it as green as possible.  We document the project from beginning to end through videos, blogs and photos.  You’ll learn a lot on home improvement and going green through our successes and (unfortunately) our mistakes.  The Seegers Family Edifice Venture it’s fun, entertaining and educationally green.

About the Edifice Venture
How Our Project started...

Ever since my wife and I decided to take the big plunge into wedlock, we discussed the possibility of alternative living. No I'm not talking about some freaky hippie communal society that only consume berries that small animals won't eat. If you live in a large city, you may know it as urban living. The definition for both are generally the same. These life styles take non residential real estate and turn them into home dwellings. The properties range from warehouses to churches. I've seen one such home on TV that was a grain silo at one time. In our case it is a structure that was built in 1941. It was used as an activities building for a church camp in Elkhart, IN. What you will find on this site is the renovation of the building documented from start to finish. The progress will be chronicled in Blogs and Podcasts both found on this site. You will also find helpful information for your own home projects, and be entertained by the chaotic pandemonium of my family.  One of our goals with this project is to go green by using construction materials, home products and other sensible ideas that make our future home green friendly.  We want to see for ourselves and show others what can done to be environmentally smart.  I have already found that going green can save not only the environment, but money also.  Have a look around and enjoy the time you spend witnessing "The Seegers Family Edifice Venture.